Silent Technology

The Booster Pro 3 is currently the quietest massage gun on the market. With a sound level of just 40-50 dB's, there is finally a device that can be used while talking, watching TV or whatever else you wish to do. We realized sound was a major issue within the world of Percussion Therapy, so we made it one of our main focuses when developing the Booster Pro 3.
This was all done while maintaining power thanks to an advanced double bearing transmission. We believe you will be very satisfied with the minimal sound of our new device!
Use for Everyone
With 4 different speed settings and a real-time Pressure Control System, The Booster Pro 3 enables users of all kinds to enjoy its benefits. Although a primary focus of Percussion Therapy is put upon athletes/fitness recovery, our device also thrives outside of the athletic world! 

As one of the most innovative massage tools on the market, our device delivers vibrations deep into the muscles, stimulating blood and lymph circulation, bringing more oxygen and nutrients into the muscle and fascial tissues. This can tremendously help anyone suffering from pain in areas like the neck, shoulders, back or anywhere else one may be finding discomfort.  

Boost Recovery

The Booster Pro 3 aids the body in recovery, lowering or even eliminating any exercise induced pain following physical activity. With an adjustable speed range of 1800-3400 strokes per minute, our gun is tested and proven to reach deep levels of tissue, resulting in lower levels of Lactate Acid Dehydrogenase (LDH) within 48 hours post-exercise. LDH is directly correlated with the damage of muscle tissue following physical activity. By lowering the levels of LDH in damaged tissues, the healing process is accelerated, resulting in faster recovery time and less soreness.